діти інженерів 10.06.2024

діти інженерів is a Ukrainian punk rock band that embodies resilience and self-reliance. The band’s name translates to “Kids of Engineers,” reflecting the members’ backgrounds and their struggle to make it on their own. In an interview, the band’s founder, Serhii, shares their journey.

The band was formed in early 2020 when Serhii decided to reconnect with his old bandmates from 2009-2010. After nearly a decade apart, the group was ready to revive their old garage punk energy. During the search for a vocalist, they found Sasha at a New Year’s party. Despite initial hesitations, Sasha joined the band, and her lifelong passion for singing blended well with the band’s raw punk sound.

Rejecting genre boundaries, діти інженерів draws inspiration from a variety of music. Serhii cites early influences like The Offspring and Linkin Park, blending aggressive, depressive, and inspirational elements into their music. Their sound results from an extensive musical exploration, shaped by listening to countless bands across different genres.

Live performances are especially significant for діти інженерів. Their gigs are not just musical events but acts of resistance and solidarity. Due to the war, concerts are held in safe locations with access to bomb shelters. Performances are also interrupted for air raids, emphasizing the constant threat. These events also serve as fundraisers for the Ukrainian army, with nearly all proceeds dedicated to supporting the war effort. The band has risen quickly in popularity during the pandemic and war, with their first major gig at the Faine Misto festival, one of Ukraine’s largest music events.

Their latest EP, ОМГ (один мільйон гривень) “OMG (1 Million Hryvnias),” symbolizes their dedication to their cause, with all proceeds from the recording supporting the military. The tracks express gratitude to international supporters and reflect the Ukrainian experience during the war.

The future of діти інженерів is uncertain, as members consider joining the army amidst the ongoing conflict. The band continues to create and perform, driven by a strong sense of duty to their country and their art. In a heartfelt message, the band thanks their international supporters, emphasizing the importance of foreign aid in their fight for freedom.

діти інженерів interview 10.06.2024
Producer: Janne Vuorela