DarkCrystals 03.2024

DarkCrystals, a Gothic Metal band from Kyiv, continues my series of interviews with Ukrainian bands. In the interview, we hear from Yulia, the keyboardist, and Fedor, the bassist, about their band.

DarkCrystals began its journey in 2020, right before the pandemic, and after only a few rehearsal sessions, the restrictions started. However, the band was prolific in writing during the pandemic era, with half of their current setlist originating from that time. DarkCrystals started as a fun way to spend time together, but as they began recording songs and everything clicked, they started to take their activity more seriously.

Like other Ukrainian bands, DarkCrystals has faced its own challenges with performances due to air raid alerts interrupting concerts. However, Fedor notes that organizers have carefully managed all safety-related matters, ensuring the bands don’t need to worry about things going wrong. According to the bassist, the atmosphere at the concerts is excellent, even though the audience is sometimes smaller than expected.

DarkCrystals is continuously working on new music, but Fedor cannot yet give a definite timeline for their debut album. Yulia believes the band members are hopeless romantics who have faith in the band’s future, something that cannot be taken for granted, especially considering the chaos caused by Russia’s invasion. Before the attack, the band, as Yulia mentions, had ambitious plans, which have now transformed into more distant dreams. Above all, there is a strong will to survive and a belief in victory.

DarkCrystals interview 03.2024
Yulia & Fedor
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: DarkCystals