Licensing & Copyright

Anti-Commercial Media is to the date a private unregistered not for profit collaborative content producer, working together independently with various media publishers internationally. Content on Anti-Commercial Media is generally self-produced, unless otherwise declared for specific content. Any collaboration with external entities or organizations with altering publishing rights will be declared specifically in the article dedicated for the published media. Any additional information or changes in license in the media specific article will over rule the general policies declared for the rest of the content published on this website, and if so required, will also be amended to the below general policies of this website. Additionally any changes in ownership of the content, organization or registrations will likewise be updated to the policies. For any inquiries please refer to the contact site management.

Photography and other media credited separately to external providers are subject to copyright held by the original content creator and/or license holder, and are published with permission on this website and/or any hosting service used by Anti-Commercial Media.