Hetman 07.02.2023

One man Black Metal project from Kherson Ukraine, Hetman and the main man himself Oleksii ”Cerberus” in interview.

Hetman’s tale begins in 2006 as Cerberus, the singer and bass player of Demonium Black Metal band decided to start his own project. Start was not easy for Oleksii as the first thing he did was learn to play guitar and drums. Also gathering equipment needed for recordings was consuming a lot of time and money.

On Hetman debut album Вітер з гаєм розмовляє (2012) all lyrics were from Ukrainian poets, not a new thing with Ukrainian Black Metal bands of course. Nowadays Oleksii writes most of the lyrics for Hetman’s music and on the latest album Чорне серце (Black Heart 2022) all but one songs lyrics are from his pen.

Cerberus started working on Black Heart in 2019. Overarching theme of the album is nature and it’s protection. Oleksii works as an engineer on ocean liners and is very concerned about the pollution he sees humanity wreaking on oceans. Album also takes a stand against big money and big corporations driving people who work in traditional professions out of their homes.

Cerberus thinks the Russian war may have an impact to his music and he is currently writing a new single that is written in a from of a letter to the Russian attackers. Oleksii tells how hard is for him to talk about the Russian war and how he just does not understand why the horrors in his country are happening.

Hetman interview 07.02.2023
Producer: Janne Vuorela
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Picture: Hetman