Kati Rán 23.06.2024

Kati Rán’s new album SÁLA is a complex journey through Nordic mythology, personal catharsis, and historical interpretations. In an interview, Kati herself delves into the album’s creation.

The creation of SÁLA was a process where mythological themes integrated with personal experiences. Rán approached each track as both an art project and a personal journey. For instance, the nine daughters of the Norwegian sea goddess Rán are tied to various weather conditions and emotions, creating an emotional cycle of human experiences. “I spoke with Nordic literature experts, read up on sources, but also tied it with personal experiences.” Kati explains.

Collaborations were a crucial part of bringing SÁLA to life. From Iceland’s Umbra Ensemble to Gaahl, each collaborator added a unique layer to the album. “Working with Gaahl, for instance, brought a deep masculine energy that balanced the album.” Rán notes.

One significant track, KÓLGA | 16, addresses the persecution of women, blending historical and mythological narratives. “KÓLGA | 16 is the embodiment of the female struggle and the beauty of the sacrifices they made.” Rán explains. This track, like the others, weaves personal emotional experiences with broader mythological themes.

The practical challenges of recording in different countries and coordinating with various artists were significant. Finding the right recording contract was important for Rán. “Having Svart Records as a partner was beautiful because they understood my vision and didn’t cut corners.” she says.

Personal experiences profoundly shaped SÁLA. “I try to make my lyrics relatable to anyone facing obstacles, depression, illness, or heartbreak.” Rán says. This relatability, combined with the ancient Nordic context, makes the album a guide for personal growth and overcoming challenges.

Kati Rán interview 23.06.2024
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Woedans Ruben Terlouw / Kati Rán