Kraamola 01.2023

In interview Anatolii Zinevych, the guitar player of Ukrainian metal band Kraamola.

Kraamola’s story begins in summer of 2008 when the band was on a hot as hell train from Kharkiv to Kyiv after a gig without their singer. Inspired by warm beer they decided that enough was enough and they needed to find a new way for their music. Band found a new singer and started mixing traditional Ukrainian folk music with modern Power Metal. In 2021 they were joined by current singer Uliana Sydoruk, who is also a researcher of Ukrainian folklore.

Even though Russia’s strikes against infrastructure in Ukraine has made gigs very challenging, Kraamola has done more concerts than ever before. As with many bands in Ukraine at the moment, all Kraamola’s concerts are charity gigs for the Ukrainian Army. Technical side of concerts difficult and Anatolii jokingly says that it seems like Ukrainians have bought all batteries, generators and power banks in the world after the Russian war started.

Anatolii wants to remind people that the Russian war did not start last year but already in 2014 with the occupation of Crimea. According to the guitar player this is not a war between Russia and Ukraine but a war of barbaric brutality against humanity and civilization. As Russia continues the attack Anatolii urges everyone to help Ukraine by any means possible.

Kraamola is now finishing their second full length that has been in works for five years now. Upcoming record will be named Idol and it will be mixed and mastered by Konstantin Naumenko of Sunrise.

Kraamola interview 01.2023
Producer: Janne Vuorela
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