Obscorp 06.2024

Obscorp is a Kyiv-based alternative metal and cybercore band that emerged in 2021. Initially called NAFTA, the band renamed themselves to avoid confusion with other artists. Obscorp strives to craft a unique sound by blending heavy guitar riffs with electronic synths. In interview guitarist Svetlana shares insights into their journey, challenges, and aspirations.

Their debut single, “Zwir” (“Beast” in English), explores themes of hidden identities and the personal consequences of concealing one’s true self. The band enjoys experimenting musically and plans to continue releasing singles to build their presence in the Ukrainian music scene.

Despite frequent challenges like air raids and power outages affecting live performances in Kyiv, Obscorp and other local bands persist in organizing and performing at gigs. The community’s support for live music is strong, though attendance can vary, especially for newer bands like Obscorp.

The Ukrainian metal scene has been particularly hard-hit by the ongoing conflict, with many artists joining the military or leaving the country. Nevertheless, new bands are forming, and music continues to be a significant form of expression and resilience.

Obscorp records their music in their own studio, which provides them with the flexibility to create and refine their work continuously. They aim to expand their reach and perform at major Ukrainian festivals. The band emphasizes the importance of supporting Ukrainian culture and language through their music.

Through their music and public presence, Obscorp aims to bolster Ukrainian culture and language, contributing to a sense of national identity and resilience. Svetlana’s call to action, urging global awareness and support for Ukraine, underscores the band’s intertwining of artistry and activism.

Obscorp interview 06.2024
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Obscorp