Orbstruct 05.2023

Ukrainian bands to the front continues with Orbstruct, a Death Metal band from Kharkiv. Yevhen “Goreon” Kravchenko in interview.

In 2016 Goreon left all his former bands to from a new one around his own vision. Drummer Fok Lok also left his bands and joined him and today they are the two original members of Orbstruct. No time was wasted and on their debut album Phobos Rising from 2019, everything was done by the duo.

Gathering of whole line-up proved challenging and right musicians were found only in 2019 as bass player Samurai and guitarist Redied joined the cohort. At this point more than half of their upcoming second album was written. Goreon describes their music as Mid-tempo Atmospheric Death Metal as he is more concerned about the atmosphere than the technicality when he is writing music.

Second album Deimos Falling was published in 2021. During the creation of the album Goreon was strongly thinking and rethinking his views on the people around him and the world in general. During this time he had to separate and leave some people behind but he also met with new, interesting and sincere people changing his surroundings for the better. As a result of these ponderings Deimos Falling is about disappointment as well as the rise of new hope.

When asked about playing shows at the moment in Ukraine Goreon laughs and says he needs another interview just for this topic. He recognizes three main difficulties for concerts: blackouts, russian bombing and curfews. Musicians and organizers have learned to live with blackouts to certain extent with the help of generators for example. As russia keeps hitting civilian targets with drones or missiles, people are understandably afraid to come to concerts and during air raids audience has to evacuate to bomb shelters. As martial law is in effect concerts are finished at 9pm at the moment so people can safely return home before curfews start between 23pm and midnight. This is the reality in Ukraine right now.

Yevhen “GOREON” Kravchenko
Producer: Janne Vuorela
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