Orionix 11.2022

Orionix from Kyiv plays Rock of the future and draws influences to their visuals from Japanese Pop culture. In interview Ren, the founder of the band talks about her band and playing live in Kyiv under Russian attack.

Story of this trio started already a decade ago when Ren and guitar player Neiro started a cover band. After drummer Leo joined the band, Ren’s concept was finally ready in 2016. Orionix is a fable of three heroes in futuristic universe created by Ren and Orionix’s music plays as soundtrack to all of this.

Orionix will play their next gig on 10.12.2022 at Volume Club in Kyiv. According to Ren organizing concerts is very difficult and unpredictable. She adds that the cellars the gigs are held in are not the worst places to be at the moment as people have also found shelter from Russian missiles in them during the war. As everyone’s top priority in Ukraine is to help the country’s army, all Orionix gigs are charity gigs.

Ren’s ambitions with Orionix are global and the singer feels very close with European audiences. Next year the band will give their all to reach European and international audience as Ren believes now is the perfect time to show that Ukrainian artists are right at the same level as any international artist.

When asked about the Russian war Ren tells how the lives of Ukrainians were filled with plans, ideas, dreams and enjoying life until Russia with their leader got delusional and started thinking they have right to murder and to destroy whole country and culture. Even though there is no certainty of tomorrow, Ren believes in Ukraine’s victory. The singer states that every single day Ukrainians show the world how strong, talented, great and brave they are.

Orionix interview 11.2022
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Imperiumin artikkeli: https://www.impe.fi/articles/1/3147
Help Ukraine: https://helpukraine.center/
Picture: Orionix