Persian Black Metal Story

Persian Black Metal Story — Autobiography of Iranian Black Metal artist Magus Faustoos Crowley, a political refugee with a bit more peculiar life story than most would’ve come to expect.

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An orphan, an artist, a doctor and a political refugee, Iranian Black Metal musician Magus Faustoos Crowley is all these and much more. He lives today in Berlin, Germany where he waits anxiously to receive his German citizenship. How he got here is a whirlwind of very personal tragedies and triumphs that are fuelled by events of great magnitude like the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. In the heart of all this Magus finds his voice and a way to express himself through art and especially through Black Metal music. As his art is illegal in his homeland, Magus soon realizes that he has to leave his beloved Iran behind as his search for his destiny takes him around the world as a stateless refugee.

In interviews Magus tells his volatile life story and how history has molded his fate. Rare footage from his album recording sessions, live concerts and art shows in 1990’s Iran give us a privileged glimpse into a world hardly ever seen before. In 2001 India grants asylum for Magus as his personal camcorder captures his reckless lifestyle. He tries to find his place but once again his spiritual journey leads to tragedy, leaving him to search for yet another new home, this time in Europe.

This documentary brings forth memoirs of one political refugee whose story is a bit more peculiar than what you might have come to expect and serves as a reminder that every refugee’s story is unique and important. The paradox in the protagonist’s life is that the more he tries not to be political the more political he becomes just by the virtue of talking his heart’s truth through his art and music. We are also reminded that freedom of art is not a given everywhere in the world today. The message of free art is now more important than ever due to Covid-19 and it’s effects on all of us.

Festivals & Features

Gar’s Film Festival is focused on music documentaries, music videos and music movies. 2021 edition was held again in Reinsvoll, Norway and Persian Black Metal Story was picked as the winner for best Feature film.

Persian Black Metal Story was part of Official Selection for 2020 annual Doc’n Roll Film Festival London, focused exclusively on showcasing amazing national and international non-fiction music films, covering all genres of music! Festival celebrates music subcultures by providing a unique platform to support the wealth of creative, compelling and unforgettable documentaries that celebrate the performers, labels, scenes and stories.

Persian Black Metal Story closed the 2020 Modern Heavy Metal Conference. Modern Heavy Metal Conference (MHMC) is an international academic event hosted by Academy Research Fellow Toni-Matti Karjalainen at Aalto University School in Business as a part of his research project on heavy metal markets, practices and cultures. 2020 special theme was Cultural Narratives and the event raised lots of interests in the academia, music field, and media.

Press & Other related media

Poet and writer Roya Hakakian gives great insights about freedom of art in post-revolution Iran. She lived through that time in Tehran and offers her invaluable views on banning of music among other things here.

Poet and human rights activist Asieh Amini offers thought provoking views on censorship of press and art in Iran. She is best known for her women’s rights work in Iran, including the campaign “Stop Stoning Forever” that fights against stoning of women and minors.

Interview with Confess
Undergrounded interview with Janne Vuorela:

Germany 2020, 40min
Magus Faustoos Crowley

Writer, Director and Producer: Janne Vuorela
Production Design and Post Production: Karo Riikola
Narrator: Shanese Zee
Music: Beaten Victoriouses , MOGH, Nashmeh, Paganland, Tears Of Fire and Yajuj O Majuj