tAKiDA 07.02.2024

The Swedish rock band tAKiDA is set to release their new album, The Agony Flame. Guitarist Tomas Wallin barely makes it home from the band’s acoustic rehearsals in time to crack open a beer before the interview. In addition to catching up, he also reminisces about old times and the band’s first milestones, which are likely familiar to all bands.

Thus, tAKiDA is embarking on an acoustic tour in Sweden in February and March. At the same time, the band is also releasing new music, with their ninth full-length album, The Agony Flame, having been released on February 9th. Tomas mentions that the process of making the album has remained more or less the same over the last fifteen years or even longer. When a five-member band writes music together, the ability to compromise becomes the most important thing, the guitarist believes.

In 2020, tAKiDA released a bunch of old demos from their demo days in a fittingly named release, The Demo Days. “Everyone has to start somewhere,” Wallin comments with a twinkle in his eye about the demo tracks. According to the guitarist, however, progress has been made, and the band has musically improved over the years from album to album. He is cautious not to call the new The Agony Flame the band’s best work, but it’s close.

A quarter-century is a respectable age for a rock band, but Tomas does not yet know how this milestone will be celebrated. Instead, the guitarist recalls tAKiDA’s second milestone and first gig. It was at the Ången Kulturnatten event in the band’s hometown of 3000 people, with their drunk friends as the audience. As the man himself says… everyone has to start somewhere.

tAKiDA interview 07.02.2024
Tomas Wallin
producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: tAKiDA