VOVK 04.2023

Interviews with Ukrainian bands and artists continue with VOVK. Because of the constant power blackouts it’s becoming more and more difficult to conduct video calls and so the artists send me their video answers, as done in here.

VOVK started in 2016 and the current line-up found it’s form couple years ago with Sasha, who is interviewed here, as the only original member. Band blends together Post-Hardcore, Stoner and Progressive Rock.

Even though playing gigs is increasingly hard in Ukraine, VOVK has continued to play live with such acts as White Ward. Concerts usually finish couple hours before curfew so everybody gets home safe. In case of an air raid the whole club has to evacuate to nearest bomb shelter. Because of the black outs, powerful generators are needed at the venues to make events possible at all. Most if not all profits still go to charities.

Scene in Ukraine has been through harsh hardships as the pandemic was followed by the Russian attack. Many bands are on hiatus as members are stuck in different locations or members have joined the effort to defend the country. Bands who are continuing to play face black outs that make even training difficult, not to mention recording. Also touring abroad is very challenging at the moment for bands. Most venues are closing or have already closed their doors.

Sasha says that in the absence of foreign bands people have started to take interest in local bands and local scene and many new faces are seen at the gigs. Shows have become very special as any gig can be the last one. VOVK is working on their second album but during war time it’s nearly impossible to plan ahead. Sasha says he sees only one future and that is through victory of Ukraine.

VOVK interview 04.2023
Producer: Janne Vuorela
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Picture: VOVK / Зламані Квіти