We are living the most exciting time in the history of tattoo. You don’t have to start with barbwire or mom and heart anymore nor will you lose your job because of visible tattoos. New techniques arise constantly and the infinitely evolving artistry of today’s tattoos will blow your mind.

Six amazing tattoo artists from all over the world stand as vanguard for this progress as the future of tattoo art unfolds before our eyes. Their thoughts and feelings on different styles, tattoo itself as an art form and as a collaborative force, are in the heart of tattoo art’s revolution.

Indeed today you can take your kids to a tattoo convention and score a better job with cool tattoos. Join the phenomenon and hear what these six visionaries have to say about their art at the most important time of tattoo history.

♥TATTOO, Berlin 2023, English, 31 mins

Laura Egea, Joa Antoun, Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, Miss Acid Doll, Marloes Lupker, Roxy Velvet

Music: Lobsterbomb

Producer: Janne Vuorela