Krabfist 03.12.2023

Krabfist is a modern groove metal band originating from the left bank of the river Dnieper in Kyiv. In an interview with Imperiumi, guitarist Max and drummer Bogdan discuss the band.

This year, 2023, the band has gained new momentum with drummer Bogdan joining and the name Krabfist becoming established. The same group has previously played heavy and power metal under different names.

Naturally, the band’s activation and gigging have been hindered by Russia’s war. Max cites the biggest current challenge as the evening curfews. The guitarist notes that everyone can guess what it feels like to start a club gig at five in the middle of the week. There haven’t been air raids during Krabfist’s gigs yet, but Max thinks that would be extremely awful.

Bands continue to perform in Kyiv, and Max mentions that the scene is on the rise despite the tragic situation. Now, concerts are organized not only for music but also to raise funds for national defense and other charitable causes. The growing audience craves the entertainment provided by gigs, and people have started to appreciate local bands more in the absence of foreign visitors.

Krabfist is currently reworking old songs and creating completely new tracks and music videos. The band wants to continue its active gigging and hopes to play at numerous festivals in Ukraine next year.

On a larger scale, the musicians believe in Ukraine’s victory but talk about the weariness of the prolonged war, not expecting it to end within the next year. Max hopes for a ‘miracle’ and a quick victory, but admits everyone is preparing for the war to continue. At the end of the interview, Bogdan sends a strong message in the direction of their eastern neighbor.

Krabfist interview 03.12.2023
Max & Bogdan
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Krabfist