Dominum 14.12.2023

In an exclusive interview, Felix Heldt, the frontman and renowned producer, sheds light on his latest musical endeavor, Dominum, and its gleaming new genre – Zombie Metal.

The idea for Zombie Metal was conceived during the pandemic time when Felix was producing another theme band, Visions Of Atlantis. If there can be Viking, Pirate, and Musketeer Metal, why not Zombie Metal, the producer pondered.

However, Dominum’s inception was not without its challenges. Heldt reveals that starting a band in his thirties proved to be a bit more complicated, as people tend to have other commitments in life by that age. During his teenage years, it was as simple as buying a crate of beer with friends and starting to play music in their parents’ basement. Nevertheless, they managed to form the band, and as they worked on their music, Zombie Metal emerged as a fusion between Power Metal and Symphonic Metal.

The work that began during the pandemic will culminate in the debut album, “Hey Living People,” set to be released on December 29th. Felix’s background as a producer proved advantageous for the band, as much of the pre-production and demo work was skipped, with Heldt crafting the songs in his own studio. However, he admits that the recording process was challenging. Normally, in his producer role, he can offer a fresh perspective on music he hears for the first time. But this time, Felix struggled to distance himself from the material he had been working on from the very beginning. His self-confidence wavered as he pondered whether the songs were truly working or if his ears had simply grown accustomed to them.

Felix envisions a bright future for Dominum, with plans already in motion for their next album. According to the musician, another aspect to consider when you hit your thirties is the importance of the decisions you make regarding the rest of your life. For Heldt, making music and performing with Dominum has been so enjoyable that his focus will now firmly remain with the band, and it won’t be just a one-album wonder.

Dominum interview 14.12.2023
Felix Heldt a.k.a Dr. Dead
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Dominum