Alien Callback 12.2022

Electronicore band from outer space, in other words Alien Callback from Kyiv keeps the ball rolling with Ukrainian band interviews.

Band started already in 2014 under the name Along The Edge and in 2021 with new members and finding of their sound, Alien Callback was born. Singer Andry Blacksmith describes their music as Party Metal that infuses heavy guitar riffs to synth sounds from the 80’s and 90’s. Andry mentions Electric Callboy (formerly known as Eskimo Callboy) as a big influence for him. Their lyrics have two sides to them also, one song can be all jokes and good fun and next one can deal with very serious issues.

Alien Callbacks latest song is called Heroes & Ruins. This song is especially important for the band because it deals with the war and the situation surrounding everyone in Ukraine. Surprisingly the lyrics were written already in 2014 by a Crimean person as Russia started it’s attack against Ukraine by military invasion of Crimea. The pain and anger caused by war is really present here. Alien Callback has played the song in their live sets but now was the time to record it too, now or never.

When asked about concerts in Kyiv at the moment Andry sighs and admits that it’s very hard. Because of unstable situation gigs get canceled in the last minute. Either there is no electricity or people have relocated or called to military service. People still have strong need for live concerts nevertheless, especially at metal gigs they can let loose and their anger out in a positive way. The singer describes the shows in Kyiv at this time as crazy.

In the future of Alien Callback Andry sees more music and their debut album that they are working on despite the war. Andry’s dream is to tour first Ukraine then Europe and who knows the US too. Their goal is then simply put to rise from the underground to bigger fame. For sure they pack the potential.

Alien Callback interview 12.2022
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