Angela Autumn 14.04.2021

I have always wondered in my little head, what exactly is the distinction between American Folk music, Americana and Country. Well Today I learned that Americana is actually the melting pot of all contemporary Country music in our metamodern world, sort of Country music of the future.  All this knowledge courtesy of Angela Autumn, an up and coming singer-songwriter.

Angela’s roots are in fairly isolated parts of Pennsylvania and impoverished type of living. She tells what a rocky period coming out of her twenties were and how she was forced to make big decisions at early age regarding leaving Pennsylvania. She doesn’t exactly give her story away here but the things she hints at are very intriguing. As she writes her music about her own life, I’m sure once her new album “Frontiers Woman” comes out, we get deeper in her story and I can’t wait to hear more.

She now resides in Nashville, the music city. I of course have a romanticized projection of Nashville in my head but as Angela says, everybody wants to be in Nashville and the sheer level of talent within different scenes there does make it so special.

Angela emphasizes finding one’s own unique style and sticking with it as a tool to find longevity in the business. In my mind that rings true in a sense that we can only be ourselves, but it’s so easy to go with the herd and try to be what we think others want us to be, a road to disaster of course. Her own unique voice is still finding it’s next phase but she is letting her new ideas and time take her there.

Angela Autumn interview 14.04.2021
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Angela Autumn