Arogya 20.04.2021

Arogya from Northeast India is publishing their first English album “Genesis”, making them the first band from Sikkim area to achieve international record deal. Road here was not easy to say the least, even before Covid the city of Gangtok was in lock down and curfew was in place because of military action. Insult to injury their internet was cut too making it almost impossible to collaborate with people in other parts of the world. Here in Europe it’s almost impossible to even vision how difficult all this might be and how much extra effort this band has to put in their musical endeavors, hats off. Working on Persian Black Metal Story has of course taught me how difficult artist’s life can be in some parts of the world and it is truly amazing just how far passion and drive can get these brilliant artists.

Arogya interview 20.04.2021
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Arogya