Bleakheart 11.11.2020

Doomy and Shoegazy band Bleakheart from Denver delivers their debut album of music, that certainly has a calming effect on me, called Dream Griever. Band lists their influences as indie rock, shoegaze, psych rock, doom metal,and goth/darkwave so there’s a lot of different stuff that band members bring to the mix. To me the sound is still very thought out and clear in it’s intent.

Album was recorded before the pandemic so Covid-19 did not affect the making of this album, which is kind of weird since the music and lyrics really strike a nerve with our current time. I couldn’t bring myself to express this as good as their singer Kelly who has said this about the album “The album explores the patterns of destruction and turmoil created within ourselves, and the time we lose within those fleeting cycles,”. Their lyrics are inspired by personal experiences and I certainly vibrate to these lamentations of human pitfalls we experience every day. Pitfalls that we don’t seem to understand or acknowledge that will have grave consequences.

The worry about live music is shared with everyone and the effects are also felt in Bleakhearts scene back home in Colorado. Smaller venues are closing or are in danger of closing and all we can do is try to help them the best we can and hope that the governments don’t forget the arts amid of this pandemic.

Bleakheart interview 11.11.2020
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Bleakheart