Lucifer 06.05.2018

DesertFest has been destroying eastern Berlin since 2012 with it’s dirty and hazy rock and metal line-ups with no glam to be found. I have no good reason on why I have missed this awesome festival on previous years other that I fell on my head as baby but I was there this year doing few interviews in the glasshouse. Welcome to DesertFest 2018 and enter Lucifer. Interview with Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Andersson and once again I was starstruck as fuck. We had a nice 15 minute chat and if I learned anything that day it was that Lucifer does not play Stoner Rock nor Stoner Metal and Nicke has very handsome chest hair.

Lucifer interview 06.05.2018 DesertFest, Berlin
Producer & Director: Janne Vuorela

Picture: Lucifer