MaidaVale 06.05.2018

DesertFest has been destroying eastern Berlin since 2012 with it’s dirty and hazy rock and metal line-ups with no glam to be found. I have no good reason on why I have missed this awesome festival on previous years other that I fell on my head as baby but I was there this year doing few interviews in the glasshouse. Welcome to DesertFest 2018 and enter MaidanVale. Didn’t dare to ask if their name comes from the underground station close to Abbey Road Studious but singer Linn Johannesson gave me a short introduction to the band and told me about their ideas of live performances, festivals and swedish rock scene. 

MaidaVale interview 06.05.2018 DesertFest, Berlin
Producer & Director: Janne Vuorela

Picture: MaidaVale