Outline In Color 2021

Outline In Color has been playing their hard to define mix of Post-Hardcore and Rock from 2009. Year 2020 was surprisingly busy for the band when you take Covid in account. Two part EP Imposter Syndrome was recorded in February, just before the pandemic swept the world. On Imposter Syndrome singer Michael Skaggs deals with his feelings and insecurities about moving to the front of the band and taking on the task of singer after KC Simonsen parted ways with the band in 2016 because of his issues with alcoholism. In addition to Imposter Syndrome: Part 1 the band published acoustic versions of their songs under name Quarantine Sessions and  cover version of Australian rapper Illy’s song Papercuts. Last time Outline In Color visited studio in November 2020 in Nashville so looks like they are not slowing down in 2021 either.

Band found one of their very first and biggest fan bases from Japan of all places. The amazed band was selling more copies of their first EP to Japan than to US. Interestingly they only got to play to their Japanese fans in 2018. When talking about the more difficult times on their journey, the band talks about the times when you know your skills and your music are at certain level but you just can’t seem to catch a break, this is of course familiar to a lot of bands and a thing you just have to soldier through like Outline In Color has done. It is good to hear a band talk openly about the negative stuff too, be it Skaggs inner saboteur or band’s feeling like the bastard son of the scene that is not invited to certain tables. Reactions to the hardest times define you and Outline In Color wouldn’t be where they are today without their share of hardships.

Outline In Color 2021
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Outline In Color