Rotting Christ 30.01.2018

Let’s pop out the champagne as Rotting Christ celebrates it’s over 3 decade long career! Oh hold on with that, seems like Sakis isn’t that into celebrating. Us fans have a big reason to festival though, this anniversary year will be full of new music, old music compilations and of course furious live performances. We were tripping down on memory lane with Sakis and he shed some light on the early days of the band back in the eighties. He also confided to me that rock’n’roll life takes a bit bigger toll than it used to and I can imagine that since even going to concerts as listener takes its toll for days now. 

Rotting Christ interview 30.01.2018 Musik & Frieden, Berlin
Producer & Director: Janne Vuorela
Filming & Editing: Karo Riikola

Picture: Rotting Christ