Downfall of Gaia 04.02.2018

Downfall of Gaia was gearing up to play one hell of a gig as we sat our asses down in Berlin’s cosy Cassiopeia club. In 2018 Anno Domini the band is going to tour like crazy and maybe even start on some new music if there’s any time at all left. Year 2017 went to shits for the guys since they trusted the wrong people and rest of the story you can hear from the interview. Anyways we are talking about a band that is known to do over 100 gigs a year so some great things are going to happen. 

Downfall of Gaia interview 04.02.2018 Cassiopeia, Berlin
Producer & Director: Janne Vuorela
Filming & Editing: Karo Riikola

Picture: Downfall of Gaia