Ruissalo Amping 31.03.2024 (Finnish)

From Turku, the shoegaze comet Ruissalo Amping released its second album titled “Ruusupuutarha” in February. In an in-depth interview, the band’s founder Samuli Virtanen shares insights.

Formed during the pandemic, the band released its debut “Tähtien Suojatit Maan Povella” in 2022. The new album was initially sparked by the title track “Ruusupuutarha”, which, according to Virtanen, could have made it onto the first album but stood so strong and independent that it warranted its own project, both musically and thematically. Moving away from genre-typical solutions, Virtanen approached the composition of “Ruusupuutarha” with message and meaning at the forefront.

The album’s themes evoke beauty, gentleness, caring, safety, and freedom. Deliberately excluding negativity, the sweetness of the album is almost provocative in today’s world. Virtanen notes that while positive inspiration may not come from observing global affairs, close relationships and good friends remain a source of enriching content.

“Ruusupuutarha” features a surprising track – a Finnish version of HIM’s “When Love and Death Embrace” titled “Rakkaus Kuolemassa Elää”. It’s rare for Finnish bands to touch upon HIM’s catalogue, and Virtanen is himself surprised by the lack of hesitation in choosing this song. The grandeur and deep romance of the bands unite, with the tune fitting seamlessly into Ruissalo Amping’s ethereal style.

Virtanen reveals that new ambitious ideas for a third album are already brewing, with thoughts veering towards folk, iskelmä, and nostalgia, which sounds intriguing to say the least in shoegaze context. Another point of interest for Virtanen is involving the entire band in music creation and welcoming external ideas, aiming for the theme of the third album to revolve around collaboration and community. Ultimately, Virtanen hopes that Ruissalo Amping will be listened to for decades to come.

Ruissalo Amping haastattelu 31.03.2024
Samuli Virtanen
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Johanna Vapaavuori / Ruissalo Amping